How to Setup a Linksys Router

Thankfully in our day-to-day lives, we don’t really have to set up our own router all that much. Most ISPs would install them in your home when you get their service, but that being said though, there’s no harm in knowing how to setup a Linksys router yourself just in case you need it one day. 

Setting up the Router

Connect the Router with your Internet

The first thing you have to do to follow this how-to setup a Linksys Router tutorial is to plug in your Internet cable from your modem to the router itself. Plug the cable into the WAN port at the back of the router. There should be a small text telling you what kind of port you’re looking at to make it easier for you to find the correct one.

Usually, the WAN port is located at the leftmost side of the router and it will also usually have different colors compared to other ports.

Once you find it, just plug it in and proceed to the next step.

Connecting the Router with your Computer

Next thing you’ll have to do in this how-to setup a Linksys router is to connect the router to your computer to set up your wireless network. You will need an ethernet cable for this step so if you don’t have one then go buy one first.

Not only that, make sure to choose a computer or laptop that has an Ethernet or RJ45 port. After that’s done, connect the two together. You can plug in the ethernet port to any of the other available ports at the back of the router.

To make sure that you’re connected to the router and everything’s going as it should be, you should ping your router first to check.

On Windows, you can do this by pressing Windows + R and inputting cmd.exe in the Open bar.

To know what address you have to ping to, you can look at the back of your router or the box that came with it. If you don’t find it, the default IP Address for a  blank router is or

Try pinging these two addresses by inputting ping -t or ping -t in CMD. If you get a reply from these addresses, you’re good to go and you can proceed to the next step.

Opening the Web Setup

Routers these days are set up through a browser and this is also true for how to set up a Linksys router tutorial. After you’ve done everything we’ve said above, open your browser and go to

You will then be greeted by the login page to your router. Check your box or the back of your router for the specifics of these usernames and passwords, but if you don’t find any, Linksys’ router’s default username and passwords are blank for username and admin for the password.

Once you’ve logged in successfully to the web setup, look for MAC Address Clone in the Setup tab. 

There, change the status from Disabled to Enabled then click Clone My PC’s MAC button right below the MAC Address. Save the settings then go to the Status tab. 

Make sure that your IP Address, subnet mask, and default gateway are not If they are, click Release IP Address (DHCP Release) then Renew IP Address (DHCP Renew). Save settings again and voila! You’re now connected to the internet and your router is working properly.

But using a router doesn’t make sense if you’re not using it for wireless, right? So, how do we do that?

Setting up your Wireless

To set up your wireless, you click the Wireless tab and look for the Wireless Settings sub-tab. There, change the configuration view to Manual, and then you will be able to see what things you can modify for your wireless security settings.

Once you’re done and satisfied with the changes you’ve made, click Save Settings and Restart the router.

And that’s it! You’re a hundred-percent good to go now.


As you can see in this article on how to set up a Linksys router, setting up a router yourself is actually pretty easy as long as you’re following a tutorial on it like this how to setup a Linksys router tutorial.

And though you really don’t have to do it by yourself in most cases, again, it’s still very useful to know how to set up a Linksys router yourself considering how easy it actually is.

Anyway, that’s all for us for now, thank you for reading, we’ll see you later.

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