How To Send A Long Video On Iphone To Android

How To Send A Long Video On Iphone To Android. Here you can find the videos in the camera folder that you want to transfer to android. Hit save to files from the options in the menu at the bottom of the screen and select downloads on the next screen.

Unplug the source iphone and plug in the target iphone > click transfer to iphone option. Connect your android phone or tablet via a usb cable, as well > drag and drop the video folder you previously. Tap the attachment icon and choose documents, then share the video from the files application.

How to Send a Large Video From iPhone

Compose and send your email, then wait for a. Tap the video to select it. Open the iphone photos app and tap on a video.

Open App Store, And Install Google Drive.

Then select the android phone on the list to connect two devices. Enter the receiver’s email address. Subsequently, select all videos that you want to send. Step by step procedure to send large videos from iphone through email. Tap the video to select it.

Click Uploaded Video And Tap ‘ Get Link ‘ To Copy The Link To Clipboard.

Tap photos > videos > select video > share icon > tap airdrop > select recipient. The recipient will get an email that will contain the video file download link. Select the accessibility restriction using the arrow next to “anyone with the link. To use this feature, head to the video you’d like to send and press the share icon. Open the dcim folder on the iphone and select the videos you would like to send the android device.

How to Send a Large Video From iPhone

Step 4 after the connection is successful, back to the android phone, choose video as the data type on bottom. This can take several moments if. To send a video, tap on it and hit send .

Open The Iphone Photos App And Tap On A Video.

Tap on the “get shareable link” on the top right of the “share with others” option. Choose ‘ photos and videos ‘ and select any large video file you need to send. This can take several moments if. How to send long videos on iphone? 7) finally, tap or click accept on the receiver.

Shortly, Enter The Recipient's Mail Address, Which.

Click the “+” icon > choose the videos you want to transfer > click open to continue. Navigate to the folder that contains the video. Tap on ‘ + ‘ icon and select upload. Tap on the blue arrow button. Tap on the share icon and choose mail from the share sheet.