How to fix High CPU Usage

There is a common problem with computers. This one problem is probably the most annoying or quite dangerous because it happened within the CPU – the brain of the computer. That problem is high CPU usage. Here, we will try to dive deep into the problem and also How to Fix High CPU Usage.

The best explanation for this is that the CPU got tired because there’s something that pushes it to its limit continuously. Some signs of this can be seen in symptoms such as lower performance, overheating, high frequency of fan work, and more. Should the situation get prolonged, the CPU might explode or at least be screwed.

More Programs – More Problems

So before we dig into How to fix High CPU Usage, we would like to look at the problems first. Especially the causes that make CPU get bad quickly and deteriorate its performance in processing data.

  1. Look at the task manager for Excess Data

Task manager on your computer can help you to see whatever happened on your computer. From this, you can determine where you should focus – whether on fixing program performances or just needing to delete some memories.

  1. Too Many High Memory Process

How to Fix High CPU Usage? Maybe just try to stop doing high memory processes simultaneously. For example, rendering Adobe Premiere using Photoshop while also watching/streaming Avengers-sized movies. Those can eat up the PC and make the processor too much makes the CPU filled up.

Fixing The CPU

So that’s the problem. Now for the solutions – what we give here are the quick wins, the simplest trick. If you got more trouble, we really suggest that you go to the official service where engineers could enact and analyze their protocols.

Update Drivers

CPUs are often tied to the effectiveness of the operating systems. How to Fix High CPU Usage? In order to do that then try to make the CPU process better, you can update the drivers by downloading updates from official Microsoft or Apple sites. Their effectiveness itself could be improved and the processing capability is higher than before.

In order to do this, try to visit official stores or sites. You can also see the newer notifications in order to update your drivers through the control panel within your Windows 11 settings. There, you can directly download the updates in order to strengthen your CPU processing capability.


How to Fix High CPU Usage step next is trying to reboot it. Rebooting a laptop or computer means it would be turned back into the factory settings. Giving room for you to increase the processing capability within your CPU. It may not improve much, but at least it gives you enough time and space to do things in the short term.

But still, you need to update drivers and other things if you want your CPU to work properly. This is because rebooting just meant cutting some updates that have been put in by time or by certain program requirements.

Reboot is one of the steps in order to How to fix High CPU Usage if you need more time to analyze deeper problems. You can say that Rebooting is the easiest thing to be done in order to quickly lower the high CPU usage. 

Check for Malware

One of the worst things that could happen to your computer is that your computer is experiencing high usage because of the virus. The most susceptible virus that gives this symptom is Malware. The malware itself is a dangerous virus that could spy on your privacy to the point where your computer could be controlled from far away.

How to Fix High CPU Usage if you got Malware? First, install an analyzer like SMADAV in order to make sure that you have indeed been infected by Malware or various other viruses. Next, then try to add and install stronger antiviruses such as Kaspersky or McAfee. 

Rebooting or Re-install the OS could also save you time when dealing with Malware. This is because by rebooting, you are essentially deleting any or all data – as such, the Malware would also be deleted. That’s How to Fix High CPU Usage – do this when you at least understand a part or have little knowledge about computers. Should you do it by yourself, there’s a risk that you might do something wrong that is out of your competence or knowledge. If you are not sure, try to always contact the official provider or professional to fix it.