How to Fix Black Screen of Death

Death Screens are symptoms of many things wrong with our computer. Be it desktop or PC, whether you’re experiencing blue screen of death or black screen of death – it must’ve been an unsettling experience. Though it’s quite scary, there are a lot of things that we could do to undo it or also How to Fix Black Screen of Death before everything’s got worse.

This is an important topic of which some level of proficiency must’ve been done. Some of the things that we will elaborate more on within this piece are better done with someone that has the competence or is well-informed about the topic of computer machinations and systems. If you’re either a novice or not well-versed in such topics, it will be better to contact official services.

That being said, here’s what we need to understand:

What is Black Screen of Death?

So here’s a catch: everyone that read this must have at least once in their lifetime got an experience witnessing the Blue Screen of Death. Similar to How to Fix Black Screen of Death, Blue Screen often came to be when your computer is too tired or is currently processing too many things at once – thus it can’t process data properly and shows us the blue screen.

The black screen is similar but kind of worse. The occurrence happened when Microsoft Windows – the operating system software of the computer is unable to work properly. When the OS can’t work like that, the computer is essentially blacked out. So in order for us to help it, there’s a protocol where a black screen would present to us that the computer’s in trouble.

The first step on How to Fix the Black Screen of Death is finding the root cause. So where’s the source of the problem? Most of the time it came from the unfinished installation or application of the Windows update. Let’s say you’ve installed it but for some reason, the laptop or desktop went to sleep mode or shut down. That will make the installation incomplete.

The thing about incomplete installation is that it’s already tearing down the current system while installing the new one. Essentially, the older version of Windows is incomplete, the new one to replace them is incomplete and they just can’t work together. This creates confusion within the system and they could not work properly.

Another possible theory is that you’re just having a bad connection from the processor/ CPU to the monitor. If that’s the case then look below for the specific section where we talk about that. Okay, so that’s how it came to be, so now the question is: How to Fix Black Screen of Death

Possible Solutions, How to Fix Black Screen of Death

Check up the Monitor

As we’ve told you before, this is a quick win to discover whether or not the damage is physical or program. Should it be found that the monitor is disconnected from the system – it might be wise to just take it to the official service centers. This is because opening parts of the laptop or PC undermines the assurance that came with it.

Windows Black Screen of Death

For Windows Users, How to Fix Black Screen of Death is quite easy – get your computer booted up and then click on F8 repeatedly (or in some version just hold it long enough). This will bring you to recovery mode. The recovery mode might help you troubleshoot the system and attempt to continue the installation process.

Android Black Screen of Death

If your black screen of death occurs within your mobile – especially using Android, then use some of these steps in order to restore control:

  1. Hold down power button for estimated 5 seconds, this will restart or give you an option to reboot the phone.
  2. If your phone has battery left, then there might be a problem with the LCD screen. Whether it got smacked by rain, dirt or else. If not, then check on the charger systems. There might be disturbance within the charging and battery system.

In order to know How to Fix the Black Screen of Death, there are a lot of factors and variables that play within the health of your gadget or computers. Thus it will be better to keep an eye on the installation process and make sure your device is in good condition by going to service centers periodically.

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