How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One

System malfunction could make the gaming experience be worse than it supposed to be. Because of the interconnected programs within the Xbox and also the database in which the gaming experience was comprised – when our Xbox experienced something bad – it can overhaul many things. So How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One?

Introducing: Black Screen of Death

As we have told you in some previous articles, our technology often is very fragile. This is because it is constructed from dense, heated, and busy components. This isn’t a design fallacy – rather it is a necessity in order to make the gaming console more mobile, agile, and also slimmer than its predecessors.

So, Black Screen of Death (we’ll call it BSD for short) is an occurrence where the dashboard or the programs within your Xbox (mostly Xbox One) is troublesome after being worked for in order to visualize and communicate your commands. The processor just can’t work properly. So How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One?

First thing first: if you’re playing with a CD – then quickly ejects it or try some way to make the insides out. On the console, press and hold the Xbox power button in order to execute some helpful protocols. Or alternatively, push it for 10 seconds and then make it shut down before anything else happened.

The main variable in How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One is to understand that BSD was an error caused by power glitches. The easiest way to fix the problem is to restart it. When restarting, the console will reorganize its programs and files in the booting process to be done properly.

The Harder Way: 

Should the black screen still occur even though that quick fix, you can do some factory settings in order to make the Xbox console got proper, here’s the way:

  • Try to configure your Xbox and external drive to be formatted into NTFS.
  • Open the file explorer.
  • Look for the devices and drivers section within your Xbox. If it’s not showing up, you can try to find it manually through explorer
  • Go to the properties section on the console and then get to the File System section. Again, make sure that the videos are NTFS formatted already.
  • Reformat your whole program to NTFS, this then will trigger a thing that informs you of the final confirmation. Just state yes and then the Xbox console will reconfigure itself into the factory setting.
  • Make sure it is connected to the power source before starting and kept an eye on it until it will be done. If it shut down before the installation and the re-boot process is complete, then it will be doomed again and you should repeat the process again.

After that, reset your Xbox One and then unplug any wired connection within your console. Make sure everything’s disabled and then put the Xbox off. After 30 seconds or more, try to start up the Xbox again. See again whether or not you have got rid of the BSD or the How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One haven’t– then continue with the steps below:

  • Press and hold the pair button on the Xbox console. Simultaneously, start to push the eject buttons.
  • Keep pushing both of those buttons within the 15-30 seconds range. If there’s a response within your console then just proceed to continue with that. 
  • Wait for the Xbox to communicate whether or not it succeeds or not. If it succeeds, just play it on for a while before putting it off.

Oftentimes, the most prominent factor within the appearance of BSD is how you put on or shut down the console. So, How To Fix Black Screen Of Death Xbox One would not be complete without the tips for avoiding it:

  • Never shut the console off by immediately pushing the power button
  • Never shut down the console by plugging off the wire

This is because the main problem that occurred is the power shortage that makes your console get an electric current that hits its processor. So keep an eye on the power buttons and always try to use the console properly.