How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

Sometimes in our life, we’re just put into this situation where we’ve forgotten what the password to our computer is. This is a big problem of course considering how dependent we are now on the computers that we’re using. So, to help you out with that, here’s a guide on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password.

There are two ways to do this and we’ll go over both of them in this article.

Through Windows Recovery Environment (RE)

Windows thankfully have already had the insight of this particular issue evident by the way they implement this recovery environment. Through Windows Recovery Environment, you can factory reset your computer easily.

To access this Windows Recovery Environment, you only need to Restart your computer while holding the Shift button or other combination buttons that was decided by your computer’s manufacturers.

Laptops for example would have you holding down the F12, F2, Delete, or ESC button, or even all of them all at once. This will vary slightly through laptops so you will have to go through some trial and errors first if you’re still unfamiliar with your laptop.

Once you successfully entered WinRE (Recovery Environment), you will be presented with a lot of options that you can choose from.

The first of which is to Continue to your Windows 10 like normal. This is not the one we wanted so just skip to the Troubleshoot option.

Once you click the Troubleshoot option, you will be presented with yet another set of options, but this time they’re more specific compared to the more general ones earlier.

The option that you want to choose for this particular method on how to reset Windows 10 without password is the first one, reading “Reset this PC”. Once you clicked that, you will be presented with other options asking you whether you want to keep your files or not.

If you want to keep your old files intact, choose the first one, but if you want to start over from scratch, go with the second option.

And that’s it! That’s the first way on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password. Pretty easy, right?

But aside from that, there is another way of doing this that we’ll talk more now.

Through Clean Reinstall

If you for whatever reason does not want to use Windows Recovery Environment and wanted to settle on the more traditional method instead, here’s another way on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password.

Though to be fair, this isn’t quite a factory reset as it is a more like a clean reinstall. Meaning, you will have to say goodbye to your files and documents that you want to safe in your drives.

If you don’t want to lose them, please follow the guide on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password through WinRE instead.

Anyway, first and foremost for this method is that you need to have your Windows 10 ISO bootable on your USB stick. Doing this is simple, just find your Windows 10 ISO and then install it on your USB using software the likes of Rufus. The app is portable and is very small so you won’t have any problem downloading that.

Once you’ve done so, plug your USB stick and go to your BIOS menu. To go to your BIOS, hold down F12 or F2 depending on what your laptop manufacturers have decided. Once there, look for things that are related to boot order. It’s a bit different for every BIOS out there, but the general gist is the same. 

Once you find it, you will find your USB to be one of the bootable drives now. Put that entry top-most and then restart your machine.

And that’s it, all you need to do next is just to follow the standard install procedure of Windows 10. Again, you will lose all of your files that are stored in your C drives and you will be made to reinstall your drivers again when you start your computer.

But this is a surefire way on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password and you will almost always succeed as long as your Windows 10 ISO is not faulty in any way, shape, or form.


Anyway, that’s all for this article on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password. We hope you find this article on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password useful, and we’ll see you all next time.

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