How To Check Laptop Battery Health

Batteries are a critical component of your mobile digital life. You might have the best specifications within your device or laptop, but once the battery runs out, there’s nothing really matters again. Nowadays, many more people are paying attention to the battery – this raises some questions and issues such as How To Check Laptop Battery Health?

The laptop’s battery is mostly comprised of gold, lithium, and other similar conductors. There’s quite a lot of things that went on at once. Thus, we have to understand more about the issue. Not only about the battery itself but also how this object – the laptop’s battery interact and distribute the current towards the laptop and make it work.

In this article, we will mainly talk about How To Check Laptop Battery Health. But we will also try to expand the conversation into tips and tricks on how to make sure that your battery stays way longer than its current life. With that clear, let’s dive deep in and start with the battery health.

How Fine is Your Battery?

So as we have told you before, the battery life is quite bothersome because it really negates any feature you have within your laptop. Let’s look at what can help you determine whether or not your battery is still in one piece and kicking!

Battery Capacity

As How To Check Laptop Battery Health and other electronic things, your battery has a lifetime. It won’t fuel your laptop forever. You might state that ‘isn’t Nokia’s battery often found full even though it has been years?’ the deal is that such phone has a limited range of utilization.                   

So your laptop battery is more similar to your smartphone battery. Think about it, it has to provide power to maintain internet access, at the same time – presenting the monitor with enough power to play HD gaming visual, that isn’t counting the power that the processor consumes to make it all work.

So first on How To Check Laptop Battery Health is to go to the control panel, move into the battery and power sections and then look for the battery information. Here you might even see the actual percentage of the battery. Once it fell, it can’t be pushed up again.

Charging issues 

Is there any problem with charging? Is your charging period became much longer or did the battery just fall down too fast? Then it might have been an issue with your power source. This often manifested in various problems such as mischarging, low energy supply, and many other things that could annoy you.

How To Check Laptop Battery Health is to report these problems to the official service centers. This is because battery configurations are actually very sensitive and could be a vital matter in your computer’s survival. Our key advice here is that if you ever experience power shortages on the laptop, a sudden drop of energy, or even self-shut down, report it fast!

Because oftentimes, the thing that makes people’s battery go bust is not the problem itself, but their tendency to make their own judgment despite not having the competence or knowledge in order to fix things technically. Thus we really advise that you shouldn’t make any configurations your own.

Shortcut to Battery Check

Here is How To Check Laptop Battery Health if you’re using Windows 10 compatible laptop:

  • Right click on the windows icon/start button
  • Select windows power shell and enter as admin
  • After it has been confirmed then type or paste powercfg /batteryreport, you will get the output "Battery life report saved to file path C:\Users\YourUser\battery-report.html.". We will check on the shell power
  • Power Shell will report on the condition of your battery and you could take a look on whether or not it is in good shape or bad.
Battery Report
Battery Report

This quick analysis would help you to see some variables such as the battery recharging speed, the maximum (current) capacity of the battery, and how much it cost the battery to run all tabs and programs that you are currently using.

When to Put Charger on and OffAnother factor on How To Check Laptop Battery Health is to always pay attention to the charger. Don’t charge while you’re using the laptop for a really long time (3hrs more). Also, try to never let your battery completely being shut down until 0%. Mindfulness and attention will be your key factor in preserving battery longevity.

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